The Pavilion Management Company Limited

Annual General Meeting

Saturday 23rd November 2019

Post Office Sports & Social Club, Dunkirk Road, Lincoln Ln1 3UJ

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Service Charge 2020 Payment Status

PAID = 24 of 24
1Paid £225
2Paid £225
3Paid £225
4Paid £225
5Paid £225
6Paid £225
7Paid £225
8Paid £850
9Paid £850
10Paid £850
11Paid £850
12Paid £850
13Paid £850
14Paid £850
15Paid £850
16Paid £850
17Paid £850
18Paid £850
19Paid £850
20Paid £850
21Paid £850
22Paid £850
23Paid £850
24Paid £850

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The Management Team comprises:

Ian Forrester – Finance Director, IT guru and 50% of the Company Secretary job
Gaynor Forrester – Keeper of the Cash Book
Vacancy– Director, and Controller of the Fire Alarm and Emergency Lights systems
Marijke Read – Director, and Minutes Secretary
Norman Read – Facilities Manager and other 50% of the Company Secretary job

Maria Booth fulfilled the role of Controller of the Fire Alarm and Emergency Lights systems, for which we were very grateful.

Maria though has now left, and we urgently need a volunteer for this function. It is not too difficult, but it should to be performed by a Shareholder, as its not something that we can readily contract out.

We need more Volunteers. Most of the physical work is organised by Jigsaw (our support contractor), but there is still quite some thinking and organising that needs to be done. We need :

  • Someone to replace Maria, to keep an eye on the Fire and emergency lights systems
  • Someone resident in the complex to monitor and help control car parking issues. 
  • Someone to read the electricity meters for the supply to the common areas twice a year
  • Someone to monitor the cleaning operation in the flats
  • Someone to monitor the bins area

Thats a lot of “Someones”! None of the above tasks are onerous, but if Ian and I have to do them all, it does become onerous. We are starting to feel like Cinderellas – we are doing all the work whilst you are having a ball!

Please think about the future : Ian and I have been put a lot of effort into this little company, but will not want to do so indefinitely. We have made operations pretty slick, but if we leave, who will understand the operation well enough to keep it going? And if the Management Company crashes because we leave and no one understands how it works it, what will happen to your investment? Having some of you participate in the Company’s activities will spread the knowledge.

Do let us know by email to which job(s) you would like to volunteer to do.

Best wishes,

Chair of the Management Team

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AGM 2019 Agenda

  • 1. Welcome / Minutes last AGM (Ian)
  • 2. Maintenance Report (Norman)
  • 3. Fire Precautions Report (Norman/Ian)
  • 4. Finance Report (Ian)
  • 5. Service Charge Budget 2020 (Ian)
  • 6. Website - (Ian)
  • 7. Volunteers Required (Norman & Ian)
  • 8. Reminder of Lease Rules & Regs (Norman)
  • 9. General Discussion (Norman)
  • 10.Closing Remarks (Norman)

The Pavilion Management Company - Management Team


  • Property Management
  • Company Secretary
  • Chair of Management Meetings


  • Financial Management
  • Website
  • Deputy Company Secretary


  • Finance Assistant


  • Meeting Minutes
  • Event Organiser


  • Fire Risk Management

Garden Liasion

  • Sue Hudson
  • Gill Stonham


  • Volunteer Required

Car Park

  • Volunteer Required

Recycle Champion

  • Volunteer Required

Meter Readings

  • Volunteer Required

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Management Reports Nov 2019


Norman Read
Verbal Report at the Meeting

  • Boundary Wall Repointed and made safe
  • Jigsaw walk around the development every three months with an agreed checklist to check for maintenance issues.
  • Gardens have been well maintained, shrubs cut and grassed areas have been treated with weed and feed.

Fire Prevention

Verbal Report at the Meeting

  • Weekly Fire Checks, notified all ok each week
  • Six monthly Fire Alarm Test


Ian Forrester
Verbal Report at the Meeting

  • £3k Cash balance forecast to be at the end of December 2019
  • Weekly fire alarm testing costs have increased by 20%, as the supplier is now VAT registered
  • Cleaning costs have been reduced, we have cancelled the exterior window cleaning, as it was considered to be ineffective.
  • Electricity costs have increased by 50%, as the old fixed contract has expired, NEW 3 year fixed contract commencing on 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2022.

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Budget 2020

Service Charge Fees

1st January 2020 to 31st December 2020

NEW DISCOUNT - If paid on time PAY BY 1ST JANUARY 2020

Flats £850 if paid by 1st January 2020
Houses £225 if paid by 1st January 2020

If not paid by 1st Jan 2020 you pay the same service charge fee as last year by 7th February 2020
Flats £898 and Houses £278

Budget Detail

Owners' Lease Rules & Regulations

CategoryLease RefRule
Security5Main entrance doors to the flats are to remain closed at all times
Pets17No animals, birds or reptiles shall be kept on the property.
General1Property is only to be used as a private residence
General14No advertisement boards other than property for sale sign
General24Not to disturb the landscaped areas, without prior consent.
General32Owners have agreed in their lease, if so required, to be a Director of the Management Company
Car Park22Not to park a vehicle on the estate which causes an obstruction to other residents
Car Park23No vehicle repairs to be carried out on the estate
Car Park28No commercial vehicles to be parked in the car park
Car Park29No parking of vehicles which may obstruct the emergency services
Building4All floor areas in the flat, except the kitchen and bathroom are required to maintain sound proofing to comply with building regulations
Building8Owners are to keep the windows of their flat clean
Building9No clothes or other articles are to be hung outside of the flat or on any part of the property.
Building10No carpets, rugs or mats are to be shaken out over the flats window balconies.
Building11No flower box or other like object to be placed outside a flat without prior written consent, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld.
Building12No offensive or inflammable materials to be held on the premises , which may affect or invalidate any insurance policy
Building13Flat sinks, baths and lavatories should have no obstruction which may cause damage to shared pipe work.
Building15Owners are not to decorate the exterior of their flat
Building16Not to erect any pole mast, wireless or TV aerial, without prior consent.
Building18No items, including buggies and bicycles are to be left in the communal areas. As this will impact on the company's building insurance.
Building20Flat owners are to prevent any leaks through the floors of the flat, if done so, to make good any parts of the building so affected.
Building27No Smoking within the apartment block . Owners to observe statutory rules imposed on the company in relation to the common areas of the estate.
Building31Not to erect any building or construction on the estate without prior written permission.
Building33Owners to permit the company or it's agent, with prior notice, to access their flat for maintenance works
Building34Not to obstruct any communal windows or lights
Bins25Flat owners to place all rubbish in the bins located in the bin compound.
Bins26No harmful discharge to be placed down the communal pipes/drains
Bins30The bin compound is only for the use of flat owners
Behaviour2Owners or visitors not to create a nuisance to other residents.
Behaviour3No noise making instruments, no singing or anything which may cause any annoyance to residents between the hours of 11.00pm and 7.30am
Behaviour6Owners and visitors entering the building between 11.00pm and 7.30am shall do so as quietly as possible so as not to cause any disturbance to residents
Behaviour7No auctions or car boot sales to be conducted on any part of the estate.
Behaviour19The owner shall not do any act on the estate to cause annoyance or injury to other residents.
Behaviour21No vehicles to drive at excessive or dangerous speed upon the estate.

Service Charges – summary of tenants’ rights and obligations
1. This summary, which briefly sets out your rights and obligations in relation to variable service charges, must by law accompany a demand for service charges. Unless a summary is sent to you with a demand, you may withhold the service charge. The summary does not give a full interpretation of the law and if you are in any doubt about your rights and obligations you should seek independent advice.

2. Your lease sets out your obligations to pay service charges to your landlord in addition to your rent. Service charges are amounts payable for services, repairs, maintenance, improvements, insurance or the landlord’s costs of management, to the extent that the costs have been reasonably incurred.

3. You have the right to ask the First-tier Tribunal to determine whether you are liable to pay service charges for services, repairs, maintenance, improvements, insurance or management. You may make a request before or after you have paid the service charge. If the tribunal determines that the service charge is payable, the tribunal may also determine:
• who should pay the service charge and who it should be paid to;
• the amount;
• the date it should be paid by; and
• how it should be paid.
However, you do not have these rights where-
• a matter has been agreed or admitted by you;
• a matter has already been, or is to be, referred to arbitration or has been determined by arbitration and you agreed to go to arbitration after the disagreement about the service charge or costs arose; or
• a matter has been decided by a court.
4. If your lease allows your landlord to recover costs incurred or that may be incurred in legal proceedings as service charges, you may ask the court or tribunal, before which those proceedings were brought, to rule that your landlord may not do so.

5. Where you seek a determination from the First-tier Tribunal you will have to pay an application fee and, where the matter proceeds to an oral hearing, a hearing fee, unless you qualify for fee remission or exemption.. Making such an application may incur additional costs, such as professional fees, which you may have to pay.

6. The First-tier Tribunal and the Upper Tribunal (in determining an appeal against a decision of the First-tier Tribunal) have the power to award costs in accordance with Section 29 of the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007.

7. If your landlord –
• proposes works on a building or any other premises that will cost you or any other tenant more than £250, or
• proposes to enter into an agreement for works or services which will last for more than 12 months and will cost you or any other tenant more than £100 in any 12 month accounting period.
• Your contribution will be limited to these amounts unless your landlord has properly consulted on the proposed works or agreement or the First-tier Tribunal has agreed that consultation is not required.

8. You have the right to apply to the First-tier Tribunal to ask it to determine whether your lease should be varied on the grounds that it does not make satisfactory provision in respect of the calculation of a service charge payable under the lease.

9. You have the right to write to your landlord to request a written summary of the costs which make up the service charges. The summary must-
• cover the last 12 month period used for making up the accounts relating to the service charge ending no later than the date of your request, where the accounts are made up for 12 month periods; or
• cover the 12 month period ending with the date of your request, where the accounts are not made up for 12 month periods.
The summary must be given to you within 1 month of your request or 6 months of the end of the period to which the summary relates whichever is the later.
10. You have the right, within 6 months of receiving a written summary of costs, to require the landlord to provide you with reasonable facilities to inspect the accounts, receipts and other documents supporting the summary and for taking copies or extracts from them.

11. You have the right to ask an accountant or surveyor to carry out an audit of the financial management of the premises containing your dwelling, to establish the obligations of your landlord and the extent to which the service charges you pay are being used efficiently. It will depend on your circumstances whether you can exercise this right alone or only with the support of others living in the premises. You are strongly advised to seek independent advice before exercising this right.

12. Your lease may give your landlord a right of re-entry or forfeiture where you have failed to pay charges which are properly due under the lease. However, to exercise this right, the landlord must meet all the legal requirements and obtain a court order. A court order will only be granted if you have admitted you are liable to pay the amount or it is finally determined by a court, tribunal or by arbitration that the amount is due. The court has a wide discretion in granting such an order and it will take into account all the circumstances of the case.

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