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New Owner

Welcome message from the Management Team

Dear New Owner,

As a new owner of one of the 24 properties on The Pavilion, your solicitor will have advised you are a 1/24 shareholder in The Pavilion Management Company Ltd, which owns the freehold. You therefore own a valuable 1/24th of the freehold.

A small number of shareholders/owners have formed a Management Team to run the company. This does save a considerable cost of employing a management company, but we do RELY ON unpaid VOLUNTEERS.

The management team would welcome your involvement, so please contact us via the website. The more we can share the work, the easier it is for all the volunteers.

The website has been developed free of charge by one of our volunteers and all the information you will require is on If you notice any maintenance requirement of the communal areas, please use the maintenance form and a message will be sent to our volunteer who manages facilities and to the property maintenance provider.

Also important dates are recorded in the Company Diary held on the website.

Please register your contact details in the form to the right to ensure all your details are correctly held with the Company Secretary. 

All communications between the company and the shareholders are electronic based, to reduce administration time and costs

Kind regards

The Pavilion Management Team

New Owner Contact Details Form

Please use the form below to register your contact details with the Company Secretary.

The company is run by volunteer shareholders and therefore to reduce administration all communications between shareholders / owners of the 24 properties is electronic based.

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