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Selling Your Property

If you are selling your property, once you have found a buyer, you will need the ‘PMCL’ solicitor to provide you with information about the company, confirm your service charge fees are up to date, prepare a deed of covenant and provide a Certificate of Compliance for your buyer to file with Land Registry.

Once you have completed the form below, the ‘PMCL’ solicitor will email and request a payment of £240 to cover their professional fees in assisting you in selling your property. This is a non-refundable fee payable directly to the ‘PMCL’ solicitor, the company makes no profit from this transaction.

The company is run by a small number of shareholders, who are busy unpaid volunteers. This web page has been set up to streamline the process and avoid any direct involvement of the management team. Any queries are to be directed at all the solicitors being paid to manage the process.

The following describes only the selling process involving The Pavilion Management Company Ltd (‘PMCL’).

The Pavilion Management Company - 'PMCL' Solicitor

Chloe Seymour

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  1. TO START THE LEGAL PROCESS – Seller PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW, to inform us of the contact details for all the parties involved in the transaction – This will be emailed automatically to the Company Secretary and the PMCL Solicitor

Selling Your Property Form

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    2. Seller PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR SOLICITOR and BUYER with the ‘PMCL’ solicitors contact details. This information will be provided to you by The Company Secretary of the Pavilion Management Company Ltd

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    3. ‘PMCL’ solicitor will email all related parties (copied to to discuss the documents, timescales and request payment upfront from the seller for their professional fees. Please note the legal process from a ‘PMCL’ perspective will not commence until you have paid the ‘PMCL’ solicitor.

    The Company Secretary will email the PMCL solicitor as to whether the service charge fees of the seller are up to date.

    If you do not have a COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE from the company’s solicitor, your buyer will not be able to obtain full title at Land Registry on the property lease and freehold.

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    4. SELLER will need to ensure all the solicitors have made contact with the ‘PMCL’ solicitor,  in order to agree the information each party requires and discuss personal timescales. 

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    5.  SOLICITORS and yourself have access via the website to the ‘PMCL’ up to date  ‘Information for Owners’.

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    6.  The seller will need to check all the solicitors have the information they require for completion. The Management Team cannot get involved in chasing solicitors. All the contact details and information have been provided for you. 

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    7. On completion, the buyer’s solicitor will send a signed share transfer form, deed of covenant and contact details for the new buyer, to the ‘PMCL’ solicitor.

    If all is in order the ‘PMCL’ solicitor will issue a certificate of compliance and advise the Company Secretary to update the company’s share register and issue a share certificate. 

    The buyer’s solicitor will use the Compliance Certificate obtained from the ‘PMCL’ solicitor to register the new owners title at Land Registry.

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